Bruce Teter has been playing Early music for 35 years on recorder and for 20 years on bagpipes, specializing in the French musette. He has participated in recorder master classes with Marion Verbruggen and is self-taught on bagpipes. He plays the principal Tenor recorder in the  the LA Recorder Orchestra, and directs the Baroque ensemble Distorted Pearl. He performs on recorders, bagpipes, and crumhorn, and rackett.
John Robinson has been involved in early music since 1973. He formed the Early Music Consort of Fort Worth, and played in the Collegium Musicum at the University of Texas. He is both a vocalist and an instrumentalist, performing on recorders, tenor and bass dulcian, and rackett.
Mark Walter, shawm, recorder, cornetto, crumhorn, rackett
Benny Harnish, sackbut, recorders, crumhorn, rackett

Adam Gilberti  recorders, bass shawm, bass crumhorn, harp, organ, percussion     


Tom Axworthy, shawm, dulcian, recorder, crumhorn, cornemuse

Julie Edwards-Matanga, recorders, crumhorn, percussion

Mike Nichols, recorders, crumhorn, dulcian, percussion

Paul Christensen, percussion (drum, tamborine, tambourin, xylophone, bells)

Noah Gladstone, sackbut, serpent

Marissa Rubino, viola da gamba, tamborine

Marischka Hopcroft, virginal harpsichord, organ